San Diego Veg Festival’s goal is to build a healthy and sustainable movement of conscious San Diegans. We support a compassionate, plant-based, animal-friendly lifestyle. Whether you are a first time or long time vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, flexitarian, locavorian, or curious foodie, the festival is for everyone! It features renowned authors/speakers, live food demonstrations, tons of food samples, documentary screenings, a pop-up book store, an organic and vegan cocktail lounge, food history mural, a cook-off competition, a succulents-making stage, a holistic fitness stage, an eco-friendly fashion show, and an official post-festival brunch.

We are excited to announce a brand new stage called Greensteading. Greensteading is the practice of a natural, self-sufficient lifestyle which actively reduces one’s carbon footprint. Like its homesteading counterpart, it aims to get the household to produce a significant part of the food and home goods for consumption by residents. Greensteading differs from homesteading in that it does not use any animal by-products and it promotes reusing, recycling, and refurbishing. Greensteading includes gardening, arts and crafts, bath and body products, textiles, jewelry, furniture, and household cleaners.

For more info, find our hashtag #SDVF on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!


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Official Veg Fest flyer front

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