Book Recipes – Divinity: Original Sin Guide


Book Recipes – Divinity: Original Sin Guide

Note that when crafting Skill Books, your Crafting Level will need to be higher for higher-level skills. The levels listed here are only the

Blood Storm Skillbook Recipe – Divinity Original Sin 2

Blood Storm Skillbook Recipe – Divinity Original Sin 2
Obtained by combining any Hydrosophist Skill book and any Necromancer Skill book. (At least one of them must be Source Skills)
Blood Storm – Divinity 2

D:OS2 – A Guide To Crafted Skills

A guide to combining skill books (Crafted Skills) in Divinity Original Sin 2!

Full List of Skills:

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Skill Book Recipes Expanded Part 1 – Divinity 2 Definitive Edition

Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition Mods
Skill Book Recipes Expanded MOD
What this mod does?
-Adds new skills and skillbooks for them.
-Makes certain “NPC only abilities” useable by player, and adds skillbooks for them.
-Adds recipes to craft all the new skillbooks.
Skillbooks crafting is done by combining a skillbook with a ‘Source Infused Ink & Quill’. The end product can be further transformed into another skill, or back to the original skillbook. There are also a few skillbooks that are made the traditional way of: scroll + blank skillbook method.

For download link and recipes – Modpage

Divinity: Original Sin – Character Build Guides – The Ranger

My first character build guide. These are meant to be long with low action and high information as this game is extremely complex.

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