Control: AWE Expansion Review

Control: AWE Expansion Review

Control’s AWE expansion is an enjoyable few hours back in the world of the Bureau, but more importantly a great first step into Remedy’s Connected Universe.

Control: The Foundation DLC Review – The Final Verdict

The Foundation is mostly more Control. What works in the base game – the storytelling, the environments, the collectibles, the characters, the combat, etc – works here, too. There’s just a little more of it, and you’ve got some new powers to play with.

The Foundation isn’t long – you can complete the entire thing in about four or five hours, though it might take you a bit longer if you want to hunt down every last item and complete all of the challenges – but it expands Control’s world while leading Jesse and the FBC in interesting new directions. Remedy has done good work here, and I’m excited to see where they take Control next. Until then, I’ll be exploring the Foundation, and wondering what part of the Oldest House we’ll discover next.




Control AWE Impressions – For Diehard Fans Only

Control AWE is not what I expected. Those entering this DLC expecting Alan Wake’s great return should not. Instead, this DLC serves more of what Remedy is planning for the future of Control and Alan Wake. Connecting these universes officially and teasing what the developers have in store. Instead of being an addition to Control AWE serves as an introduction of what’s to come.


Control The Foundation:

Control AWE:

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Control AWE DLC Review [Is this ALAN WAKE Event WORTH YOUR TIME?]

CONTROL’s LAST DLC brings back a GAMING / REMEDY Favourite (Where’s Alan Wake 2 already Rem?) but do they do ALAN WAKE JUSTICE in this AWE DLC? Let’s SHED SOME LIGHT on this missing page’s chapter to FIND OUT!

00:00 Threshold Opening…
00:51 The Intel
01:35 The Good
02:25 The Bad
04:00 The Ugly
04:55 The Score
05:11 The Closer

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Control AWE DLC Review | PS4, Xbox One, PC | Pure Play TV

Will Control’s latest DLC leave you in AWE? Maybe.