Fortnite: Where to Find and How to Tame Raptors

Fortnite: Where to Find and How to Tame Raptors

Dinosaurs are roaming the map in Fortnite. This guide breaks down how to tame the raptors in Fortnite and where to find them.

How To Tame A Raptor ! New Raptors Locations in Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2

How To Tame dinosaurs ! New Raptors in Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2
where to find raptors in fortnite season 6
raptors locations

NEW Finding and Taming Fortnite Raptors

In this video I am showing you guys how to find and tame the new raptors in Fortnite

Fortnite, Raptors: Where to Find Them, How to Tame Them, and What They Can Do

Raptors are the newest addition to Fortnite’s roster of Wild Life.
So, big questions, Where can you find them, how do you tame them, and what can they do? (Most important, can you ride them? – sorry to say no to that one)

Where to find Raptors: They can be found throughout the map but seem to be fairly concentrated in the primal/orange zone just to the West of Lazy Lake and South of The Spire.

How to tame Raptors: The same way you tame other animals. Obtain 1 animal meat and 2 animal bones from any animal (boar, chicken, wolf) and craft a Hunter’s Cloak. Use the Hunter’s cloak to prevent the raptors from attacking you. Approach a Raptor and hold the interact button to tame.

What can Raptors do: Raptors cannot be ridden unfortunately. They can chomp through built structures and other destructible objects in the environment. They deal 25 damage per hit. They aren’t super responsive/don’t follow too closely. From my testing you can have at least two following you at any given time.

Have a great day, and as always, thanks for watching!

Fortnite how to tame Raptors – Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 taming and location where to find Raptors

Check out my Fortnite how to tame Raptors video for Chapter 2 Season 6 continuing the taming theme, plus how to find their location.

With the recent introduction of Raptors into the wild mix of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, you might be wondering how to tame them. If you’ve done some timing of wolves or boars in the past then you should be on the right tracks. However, you might be wondering where to find raptors on the map, so the video includes a fairy reliable spawn location for the them. I did a little testing for this, but drop a comment if you find them somewhere else.

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