Things to Do First – PlayStation 5 Guide


Things to Do First – PlayStation 5 Guide

Congratulations on your PS5! While you may be eager to jump into the latest game offerings there are a few things you can do to make the experience smoother:

20 Beginners Tips for Medieval Dynasty | Survival Game Guide

Here are 20 Tips for Beginners for the new survival game called Medieval Dynasty which I am enjoying playing! I hope you find them useful and if you do please click the thumbs up. Cheers!

PART TWO (Intermediate Tips) can be found here:

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10 TIPS! Horizon Forbidden West Beginner Guide – Things you MUST know!

In this Horizon: Forbidden West Beginner Guide, I will be sharing with you Tips to Getting Started – And how to make your game experience more pleasant overall! If you are ready to tackle this enormous game and want to know what to do first: Here are the things I wish I knew before playing!. Be mindful that there are some mechanics and other mild spoilers.

0:00 – 10 Tips I Wish I Knew Before Playing Horizon Forbidden West
0:56 – Do the Main Quest
1:40 – Don’t Ignore Machine Strikes
2:00 – How to Play Machine Strikes
2:55 – Mounts and Travel Pack
3:18 – Combat & Training Grounds
4:25 – Leveling Up and Gearing
4:02 – Food and Quests
5:35 – Hunt for Legendary Upgrades
5:58 – Questing & Exploring: What to do when stuck?
7:45 – Quest Type Solutions

Final Tips: Quest Type Solutions

Some of the quests weren’t immediately obvious on what to do. To point, you will be asked to:

Find all Drones: When you scan a drone, highlight it’s flight path with R1 then find a point near a wall and jump onto it – but don’t let go! Hold on and weight it down to the ground and you’ll then be able to access its innards.
Collect Items in High Places: A specific quest asks you to “Fly up a mountain” – you won’t be able to do this until endgame. Equally, you will want to delay collecting the “Signals of the Sun” until you have your flying mount, as it will save you a lot of jumping around and climbing.
Find Black Boxes: These are to be taken to the collector of voices near the Arena. You can identify the black boxes with your radar as you explore, they are always inside large crashed planes.
Get Tags: Rebel Camps don’t go away post-game, so you will be able to find these tags at all rebel camps simply by defeating and looting the leader. You don’t have to clear out the entire camp, just kill the leader and skip and it’ll count as completed!

If you follow these tips, particularly the one about waiting for your flying mount, you should have a much easier time getting around the world and completing many objectives without feeling like you’ll be at this for another year. I’d love to hear your ideas and tips that you want to share with others, maybe some you have from Zero Dawn, or your plan for interacting with the game. Will you aim for 100% completion? Or are you doing this just for the story? Let us know in the comments!

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Biomutant: 9 Things to Do First

Biomutant has many familiar open-world trappings, but is also filled with unique terms, systems, and gameplay mechanics that can be confusing. So we’re here to tell you the 9 Things to Do First in Biomutant.

Biomutant is an open-world RPG where you choose from a variety of classes and explore the world’s action gameplay to your heart’s content. We’ve created this tips guide to help you navigate combat, exploration, and all the crazy terms you’ll hear thrown around like bionucleus 6D and biopoints, and even some tips on Biomutant character creation.

PS5: The Ultimate Guide To PlayStation 5

Everything you need to know about PlayStation 5 in one handy guide. Use the chapters and timestamps to navigate for specific queries!

00:00 – 00:45 Introduction
00:45 – 01:33 PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition
01:33 – 03:07 Physical Breakdown
03:07 – 06:31 Tech Specs and Hardware
06:31 – 08:43 Game Installation and Preferences
08:43 – 09:33 Trophies
09:33 – 11:28 Backwards Compatibility
11:28 – 13:13 PS Plus, PS Plus Collection, and PS Now
13:13 – 13:42 PS4 Multiplayer
13:42 – 14:32 Parties
14:32 – 15:02 Other Social Features
15:02 – 17:24 DualSense Wireless Controller
17:24 – 18:42 Create Button
18:42 – 19:16 Broadcasting
19:16 – 19:42 HD Camera
19:42 – 20:20 Media Remote
20:20 – 21:00 PULSE 3D Wireless Headset
21:00 – 21:36 PS VR
21:36 – 22:06 Other Accessories
22:06 – 22:49 Turning On Your PS5: The Basics
22:49 – 24:31 Control Centre and Activities
24:31 – 25:26 Game Home, Users, and Store
25:26 – 26:27 Media Home
26:27 – 27:00 Remote Play
27:00 – 27:35 PlayStation App
27:35 – 28:07 Conclusion

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