Poketch Application Locations – Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Guide


Poketch Application Locations – Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Guide

The Poketch you receive near the beginning of the game is an interesting device. Utilizing the bottom, otherwise-unused screen on your Nintendo DS handheld,

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum – How to get Pokétch APP – Pokemon History

Hi! It’s me Kanelal!


In Solaceon town, talk with this guy like Indiana Jones and get it!
This app of Poketch, show you most recently obtained pokemon.

My game is Platinum.

How to find Mesprit in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Where Is: The VS Seeker & The Dowsing App (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum)

How to Check Friendship in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum

To check your pokemon’s friendship, you need to get the friendship checker. Once you have that, find the app on your Poketch, then click and hold on a Pokemon. If they have two large hearts, you have max friendship. Two small hearts means you have between 200-254 friendship, and one small heart is from 150-199. If there are no hearts, you have between 0 and 149.
This will work for Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum and Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Ready to dive back into the world of Pokemon? Get started with Pokemon Ruby Game Boy Advance!

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